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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to Hide Your Email Recipient's Email Addresses

There are occasions when you want to send the same email to more than one person, without having anyone know who the other recipients are. Many folks prefer not to have their email addresses exposed to people that they don't know. Here's a nifty little trick that allows you to send these emails and allow your recipients privacy.

Open your email software, like Outlook or Outlook Express Click on Create Mail in Outlook Express. In Outlook, you need to be in the Folder called Inbox, and click New.
Compose your email message, as you usually would.
In the "To:..." address bar, enter your own email address. This sends a copy of the message to yourself.
Below "To:..." there is a "Cc..." address bar. Click on the "Cc..." command button.
This opens three separate boxes for email addresses. Using the "Bcc" command button, transfer the email address from your Address Book to the "Bcc..." box.
Once you have selected all of your intended recipients, you may now send your email messages.

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