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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hardkernel ODROID - the player and the console running Android

Android operating system quickly became used not only to mobile phones and now under its control will operate the device Hardkernel ODROID.

Hardkernel ODROID is a rather interesting mix of portable media players and game consoles, which is made in monoblock form factor. The front panel is touch-sensitive display with a diagonal of 3.5 inches and a resolution 32h480 points. On either side of it are buttons, which are assembled in such a way as to control the device can be made by any group of keys, depending on the orientation of the interface. Works Hardkernel ODROID based Samsung S5Pc100 with a frequency of 600 MHz and equipped with output HDMI, microSD slot, and Wi-Fi. Also worth noting support video playback resolution of 720p.

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