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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keyboard for iPhone

iPhone normal keyboard it would not hurt. It was so decided specialists XSKN to create a portable Bluetooth-keyboard for the iPhone.

In general, the idea of doing a special keyboard for iPhone'a not new. The same company Apple has successfully produces products under the trademark of Apple Bluetooth keyboards and, on a fairly reasonable price from 49 to 79 U.S. dollars. But, sure, and in this production company XSKN find their buyers.

The main difference between this keyboard from similar proposals from other companies (Apple after all - not the only company that makes keyboards for the iPhone) is the visual design of the product. All the keys of this keyboard branded logos of popular sites, and are both hot buttons, clicking which opens in the right case related sites. I've already talked this summer about a similar keyboard from designer Ignacio Pilotto.

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