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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Convert your Microsft Word document to PDF format

This is very short and simple trick for everyone.

PDF Creator is a software which lets your convert your Word Document into PDF format easily. The way it works is simple, you can just simple print your document in PDF format. You can download it for FREE at the following link:

Download PDF Creater here...

After installation, follow the below simple steps:

  • Just print your document as normal (File > Print) and select "PDF Creator" as the Printer Profile.
  • Next PDF Creator will prompt you to enter details of the PDF file, date created, who created it, location to save to etc.
  • Now, your document is in PDF format.

If you create a document or report, initially you have your name under credits. But, your boss can change it. or if you want to give a non-editable document. Now, what can you do about it...??

PDF is perfect solution...

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