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Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to Format a Memory Card

Just like any memory device, a memory card may be subject to a number of events when it could malfunction due to an equal number of reasons. The most common problem experienced is its inability to store files regardless of its type. When this happens, formatting a memory card would be one viable means to restore your memory card in good working order.

Formatting one’s memory card entails deleting all the files that have been stored, whether the files are those you have saved or computer virus and malware that have corrupted it. You do not need to be a computer genius in order to do this. In fact, anyone could do it! All you will need is a computer and a memory card reader. Most computer units and laptops now come with a built-in card reader. If by any event your desktop PC or laptop does not have one, you could easily purchase memory card readers in computer shops and over the Internet.

Format Memory Cards

Format Memory Cards

Here are the steps you would need to do to successfully format your memory card.

Step One
Insert the memory card into the provided slot in your laptop or desktop PC. If you are using a memory card reader that has not been built-in to your computer, make sure that all the connections are in-tact and secure.

Step Two
Close the pop-up window that will come up once you have inserted your memory card into the card reader. Double click on the “My Computer” icon that is located on your computer desktop. This would take you to the different active drives of your desktop PC or laptop.

Step Three
If your computer has more than one active drive, it would be best to browse through the contents of the drive first to make sure that you are selecting the correct one. This is extremely important because once you have formatted the drive you would be unable to retrieve all the data that has been deleted. So the last thing you would want to do is to format the wrong active drive in your computer.

Step Four
Once you have found the correct drive which contains all the contents of your memory card, right click the drive icon and select the option “Format” on the pop-up menu that would appear.

Step Five
Click on the “Start” button located on the bottom part of the screen. You will be prompted by the computer with a warning advising you that should you proceed, all the files and contents of the drive would be permanently deleted. Click on the “Yes” button to begin the formatting process.

Step Six
As soon as the computer prompts you that the formatting process has been completed, safely remove your memory card from the card reader and load it into your digital camera. Try testing this by taking a couple of pictures to see if the memory card would be able to properly store the pictures taken. If the memory card’s performance is still faulty, repeat the entire process.

Note : Formating the Memory Card will erase informations, files stored in it . Please try this on your own risk, I cannot be held responsible for any loss, damages, etc., caused.

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