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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IPHOTO COOLPIX880 Portable FlipAlbum Vista Pro v7.0.1.363

FlipAlbum Vista Pro offers professional photographers a tool to showcase, distribute, and sell their photos. The program can automatically create realistic, book-like albums and product catalogs. Burn your albums and catalogs onto CDs to distribute to clients and prospects; they'll be able to flip through them as with a real book. Copyright-protection features include encryption, passwords, expiry dates, watermarks, and a print lock.

Intuitive Viewing Experience
• Realistic 3D Page-Flipping gives you a natural and intuitive viewing experience.
• Multi-page rapid flipping for album browsing.
• Preview individual image in full screen mode.
• Hold album pages. Hold and compare contents of different album pages.

Easy to Create, Manage and Organize
• A 3-step QuickStart wizard to guide new users in creating an album quickly by opening a folder of images, selecting the
page layout and a theme for your photo album.
• Layout Template. Select different image layout, annotation and effects options.
• Create full-page layout with multiple photos, text, audio and multimedia. Play multimedia files direct on album page.
• Add bookmarks. Customize the shape and color of bookmarks.
• Automatic creation of thumbnail overview, table of contents and index.
• Drag-and-drop thumbnails, contents and index to rearrange pages quickly.
• Search function. Search for text strings and annotations on album pages.

Customize with Editing Controls
• Spice up your photo album with a wide selection of professionally designed built-in themes and borders.
• Create your own themes for any occasion with your favorite front and back cover, book and page background.
• Add your favorite list of MP3 musical tracks as page or background music.
• Retouch (red eye, brightness, contrast, etc.) or add special effects to your photos with the built-in image editor.
• Add and customize an assortment of picture frames to your images.
• Add 3D and shadow effects to your images.
• Crop your images into different shapes using built-in crop shapes and add character to your photos. Add your own crop shapes.
• Multiple selections of objects on Page. Select multiple objects and you can cut, copy, move, delete, rotate, resize, add effects, set
links etc. to your selection all at one time.
• Insert translucent annotation text for special effects.
• Transparency support. Select a specific color on your images to be transparent. Great for photo overlay.
• UNDO/REDO function.
• Hide/unhide entries on the Overview/Contents/Index pages.
• Grids, guides and ruler for alignment and layout of objects and text on album pages.
• Customize the Contents and Index Pages.

Encryption and Security
• Encrypt and protect your copyrighted material to prevent unauthorized copying of images from your CDs.
• Assign a password to your photo album CD to prevent unauthorized access.
• Add watermarks such as your name or copyright message onto your images.
• Control your recipients’ ability to print photos and images from your CDs.

Export and Share
• Upload and share your photo albums on the Internet with friends and family.
• Distribute your photo albums on CDs that playback instantly on PC and Mac – no installation of software required.
• End user license for commercial distribution of album CDs. Sell your customized album CDs or distribute them as promotional tools.
• Add more than one photo albums per CD, and front covers of photo albums will be displayed on a bookshelf.
• Playback on DVD Players that support CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW media, for TV viewing.
• Export photo album to MPEG-2 format for creation of SVCD or DVD.
• Print entire photo albums or selected pages. Print multiple photos on a single sheet of photo paper.

• Auto Flip function. Set the flipping direction to start either from left to right or vice versa.
• Auto Slide Show. Present the contents of your book as a slide show with auto-play. Slide show options include variable time interval
between slides, transition effects, number of rows and columns of photos, etc.

Size : 45 MB

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This will do the job. poweriso is a i386 precompiled binary so is useless for anyone using linux on ppc, mips etc or *bsd solaris etc etc…. i.e. should be listed as linux/i386 and not just linux.