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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Know to repair a usb drive

Sometimes you can experience problems with your usb device. If you receive messages such as:

media not found, no flash disk attached, unknown device

or windows cannot detect your drive then you have the following options:

1.Recover the lost files on the drive or just access your data with the help of programs such as:
EzRecovery, UstorageTool, Recover My Files, R-Studio, EasyRecovery, GetDataBack.

2. Get detailed information about your usbdrive:
In order to download from your manufacturer website a low level repairing/formatting utility you have to find your chipset manufacturer. These programs will show the important PID/VID values:

3. Format the usb device in low-level and then in high-level.
Try the following formatting utilities. I hope they'll help you.
Jetflash formatter
ProductionTool MD
HP Disk Storage Format Tool
JetFlash Recovery

Some usb-manufacturers:
Pen, Twinmos, Transcend JetFlash, Seitec, WinMaxGroup, PQI Travelling Disk, Kingston Data Traveler, Agenie, Sony, LG, Samsung, ProlifiŅ, Ultra-Media, Sandisk, C-one, A-data, Apacer, Xonix, Canion, Lexar, JetFlash, Pretec iDisk, Silicon Power, Prestigio, Patriot, Digitex, Pretec, InnoDisk, ACEPlus, Bit4flash, Ultra-Media, Kingmax, Agenie, Gembird Kolibri, DIGMA, ChipsBnk, Genx, Easydisk, MyFlash, TwinMOS, Jogr, Ritek, Corsair Voyager, RunDisk, Intelligent stick, Imation, KingMax, Mr.Flash, Monstor, DIGMA, Elite, Patriot...

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