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Friday, November 14, 2008

Burn a PlayStation Disc Using Nero

Backups are the smart way to save your original PlayStation games from accidental scratches and destruction. Burning copies in Nero is a straightforward process that won't consume too much of your time. Nero is easy to use software that enables you to copy of several types of media, including PlayStation disks.

Insert the PlayStation game disc into your computer CD drive. This drive doesn't have to be a burning drive, as you are just copying the data to the hard drive at this point. Launch Nero Burning ROM.
Click on "New Compilation," then "CD-Copy." It will bring up a window of new menus. Click to the "Burn" tab. Read the menu and select the "Write" option box. All other options should be unchecked. If some options are already checked, click on the box to de-select them.
Set the "Read Speed" to "1X Always," un-check "On the Fly" and assign the source drive to the drive where you inserted your PlayStation game.
Change tabs to "Image" to select where you want Nero to write the PlayStation game to on your hard drive. If you only want to make one copy, then click the option for "Delete Image After CD Copy."
Check "Ignore Illegal TOC Type" and clear the check for "Read Media Catalog." Also set the "Number of Read Retries" to 20. De-select "Read Media Catalog." Set the "Data Mode 1" to "Check Force Raw Reading and on Errors and Write Uncorrected."
Allow "Data Mode 2" to be the same as "Data Mode 1." For the "Audio Tracks" option, choose "Ignore Read Errors."
Click "Copy CD" to start the CD reading. The time this takes will depending on your computer system resources. The CD will eject when it is done.
Remove the PlayStation game CD and insert a blank writable CD-R, if your drive is capable of burning discs. The burn process will start automatically. Be patient even if the process says it's 100 percent complete, as there will still be some closing files and processes for the computer to finish. Remove the copied CD, label it and test.

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