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Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Build A HUGE List For Email Marketing

Need to increase your list of email addresses for opt-in email marketing and newsletters? Learn how to build your list with just a few easy steps.

If you are trying to build a list for your email marketing campaign or newsletters, an easy way to accomplish this is through free traffic exchanges. However, there is a strategy that must be followed to make this successful. With this technique, you will be offering a free report of high value. Create these free reports using free private label rights (plr) content/articles, which can be found using the link provided for you in the Resources Box below article, titled "FREE PLR CONTENT/Articles".
The first step is to offer a free report that will get the attention of surfers. Report on ways to make money is the best idea for traffic exchanges, since most surfers are entrepreneurs themselves. Make your offer short and to the point. Also, make it very easy to sign up for your offer, asking for just a name and email address is the best idea.
To collect and manage your list, use a free email collection service such as Once you build your list, deliver the free report and then wait a week to deliver your free newsletter. It is in this free newsletter that you will have the opportunity to promote your product or affiliate products or services.
DO NOT try to promote anything in the initial free report. This will usually backfire and cause the subscriber to ignore your future mailings, or opt-out all together.
Use free plr content to create your free newsletters, as you did the free report, doing this will assure that you never run out of new and useful information. A free plr provider can be found below, under the Resources Heading, titled "FREE PLR Content/Articles".

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