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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to Buy a Graphics Card With the Correct VRAM That You Need

VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) refers to memory that video adapters use to get higher bandwidth for running high-resolution pictures. It is accessible by two different devices at the same time (it can be updated on the screen and new data can be added to it from the processor). The right amount of VRAM helps in faster rendering. Here is how to buy a graphics card with the correct amount of VRAM.

Assess your need for a graphics card. Different cards are available to cater to different needs. High-end video cards are suited for 3D gaming. For functions such as video editing, digital photography and surfing, there is a middle range card available. Lower-end cards are available for supporting graphics.
Check the VRAM that various cards offer. Video cards offer 32-bit to 256-bit of VRAM. If you want a high video card, look for higher VRAM. Select a card based on your usage.
Compare prices of graphics cards online and in computer stores. Look at various buyers’ guides to understand features, pricing and versions of different video cards. Some buyers’ guides include MySimon, Nextag and Bizrate (see links below).
Buy the card after comparing prices. Search for online vendors using search engines like Google or Yahoo!. Browse through popular online stores such as CompUSA, Best Buy and Circuit City (see links below).

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