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Friday, November 14, 2008

Record sound or song with out Microphone

Hi, If you want to record a sound that is inside a computer(Like you are playing a movie/song and You want to record some sound from that video/song) than it is right palace, You don't even need a Microphone instead Recording by Microphone from Speaker is a bad way of copying sound a lot of unpleasant noise is added. So this step by step guide will tell you how to... record sound with out Microphone

This is First Step , You are going to check that whether sound card is installed in your computer or not ,to record a sound with out microphone still need sound card because in other case computer will not be able to understand and do something with sound instead computer can make beebs without a card...To check Go to Start Menu>setting>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices then Options like Advance and Mute look enabled and you can change them Its mean you have your Sound Card Installed otherwise first install sound card ,If you have then you can move ahead.
Now About Jet Audio this is the programme we are going to use for recording because of its wonderful features ,To install Go to and search for jet audio and download it. If you don't find then copy paste this url into address bar above from here : ..............This Programme is going to help in recording.
Now Run Jet Audio then hit the button Record and then from source list choose Mono Mix/Stereo Mix then start the song you want to record then click on the start button recording window and click stop button when you wish to stop the sound ,Sound will be saved in My Documents or the folder you assigned in target section.
Jet audio is also useful for other stuff but for recording a sound without Microphone is best ,Make sure you hear your sound once to make sure it is recorded as you wanted and Now In Final Rate It I will be glad to help you by answering your comments

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