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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to Fix blue screen ???????

Fix your computer yourself when your computer begins to bluescreen all the time. I'll tell you what to do to fix the problem...

Note the message on the blue screen, especially the numbers. Check it in Microsoft's Help and Support Knowledge Base (this site helps you on any windows code you may have). Also, put the text of the error message in a search engine and check the Internet. (if you can, if not see if you can get online with another one.)(Do not forget to write down the info first)
Diagnose it, a memory problem is easy to fix. If you cannot find the diagnosis information you need online, you can try swapping out memory sticks from another computer. However, that memory must be the same type. If all else fails, take the old memory to a computer store. The people there may be willing to test to see if it is the problem or not
The sticks of memory go in slots near the microprocessor. The memory is about four inches long and usually green unless it has a heat sink on it. Remove the old memory and match it at the store. Memory prices are all over the place, depending on type and speed. Be sure you get the same type and speed. When you press the new memory into the slot, you will probably have to use some force. The clips on each end will snap into place when the memory has seated properly.

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