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Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Setup a VPN in Windows XP

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is an encrypted connection between one or more computers and a server. Each operating system sets up a VPN a little differently. The following steps explain how to setup a VPN in Windows XP

Example1 Example1 Make sure your Windows XP account is logged in then, with your mouse, left-click on the Start button and select Control Panel
Example2 Example2 When you click on the Control Panel, the window will come up with one of two views. If the Control Panel window is similar to the picture to your left, double-click on Network Connections and skip to step 5.
Example3 Example3 If the XP Control Panel window is similar to this picture, left-click on Network and Internet Connections and proceed to next step.
Example4 Example4 If the Control Panel window was similar to the picture in step 3, and you left-clicked on Network and Internet Connections then you should get the window below. In this window you must left-click on Network Connections.
Example5 Example5 Next you need to left-click on Create a new connection indicated by the red circle.
Example6 Example6 Left-clicking on Create a new connection will bring up the New Connection Wizard. Simply left-click Next in this window.
Example7 Example7 At this window you will want to left-click the second dot that says Connect to the network at my workplace; then left-click Next. If you read the sentence you will notice that it says “Connect…(using dial-up or VPN)”.
Example8 Example8 Here, again, you want to left-click the second dot that says Virtual Private Network connection; then left-click Next.
Example9 Example9 In this text box all you are doing is deciding what you want to call this VPN. THE NAME DOES NOT MATTER!! You could call this connection “Tunnel Rat” or “Mom’s Kitchen”. This name is simply what the title of the icon on your desktop will say; I put “RS Security” for the purpose of simplicity. Once you decide on a name left-click Next.
Example10 Example10 Depending on how your internet connection is setup, you may or may not receive this next window. If you do have this window make sure that you select "Do not dial the initial connection". If you do connect to the internet using DSL or some other method connection, you will still need to connect to the internet before using your VPN. If you select the Automatically dial… then your VPN will not connect properly; it is some kind of Windows XP hiccup.
Example11 Example11 What you put in this text box DOES MATTER. With this box you have the option of a domain name such as or an IP address like Whoever you setup your VPN with will give you the information to put in this box.
Example12 Example12 FIRST, you left-click the box that says, Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop. Then left-click Finish.
When you click finish, two things will happen. First it will put your VPN icon on your desktop. Second, it will bring up the Connect window below. From this point on, when you double-click on your desktop icon it will bring up this window; so what you put in here is very important. There are four things you need to do here; but you only need to do it this first time. 1) Enter the User name given to you by your VPN provider 2) Enter the Password given to you by your VPN provider 3) Check (left-click) the box that says, Save this user name and password for the following users: 4) Finally, you need to choose whether you are the only one who will use the VPN. If there is more than one user account on your computer you can give them the option to use the VPN by selecting, Anyone who uses this computer. When you are done with this window either click Connect to start using the VPN or left-click the red box on the top right to close.

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