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Friday, November 14, 2008

Find out a person's IP address and geographical location from a Yahoo message

Say you received an e-mail from a person you don't know; another scenario: you get spammed by the same person and want to block this person's IP address. If you want to find out this person's IP address for any reason just please follow carefully these few easy steps.

◄ Open Yahoo mail ►, and open a message in question.
Scroll all the way down the screen until you see "Full Headers" button and click on this button.
example 1 of  Yahoo message example 1 of Yahoo message Find the string that starts from "Received from" (see example attached) and copy IP address. Format is: XX.XXX.XX.XXX but it varies from person to person.
Go to website: Register (free) ... click on IP Locator option (left side) ...
IP Locator IP Locator PASTE IP ADDRESS into the little window called "Enter IP address" (see example) and click "Where is it?" button.
That's it ... scroll a little down and you will see a location: city and state.
example 2 of Yahoo message example 2 of Yahoo message Since the Tips box does not offer to attach a picture I will write a tip here, in the next step. Another example shows another place where to look for the IP address. Look closely and you will see. :)

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